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Noora Vähäkari (M. Sc.)

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Noora Vähäkari (M.Sc.) currently works as a Project Manager in the FFRC in project related to sustainable energy, climate change and development research. She has graduated from Development Geography at the University of Helsinki in 2015.

Noora has a solid experience in consortium management and coordination, communications and knowledge management, coordinating and writing grant proposals, project quality assurance, has facilitated bilingual and multinational futures workshops related to sustainability issues and renewable energy planning, and has been looking into energy sector transformation and potential, and socioeconomic impacts of energy development projects in various countries such as Chile, Laos, and Cambodia. She has also impressive experience in India, Myanmar, Cuba, Peru and Colombia.

She gets excited whenever there is a chance to facilitate participatory workshops and or innovate a project, and wishes to utilise more complexity thinking in the context of sustainable development in the Global South. Noora has previously worked with civil society development cooperation projects and is currently representing FFRC at Siemenpuu Foundation.