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Future Sustainable Energy Challenges pilot course in Solapur University, India

Finland Futures Research Centre and the Faculty of Social Sciences at the Solapur University in Solapur, Maharashtra, India, received funding from the Centre for International Mobility (CIMO) in Finland to establish a joint pilot course between the two insitutions, and the implementation started in early 2016. After planning visits in Autumn 2016, the first part of the course was conducted in February 2017 in Solapur. A teacher delegation from FFRC, Director Dr. Juha Kaskinen, Mrs. Noora Vähäkari, Mr. Mika Korkeakoski and Mr. Juha Panula-Ontto, organized a 5-day intensive course “Future Sustainable Energy Challenges” for 16 master’s students with backgrounds in social sciences, economics and communications.

The course consisted of introduction to futures studies and key methodologies, cross-impact analysis, and trends and drivers in renewable energy discussion and participatory analysis of controversial case studies. For the assignments, students had to work in groups and utilize their differing backgrounds for a comprehensive analysis. New pedagogics, such as role play, interactive work, and various futures studies methodologies, were well received and gathered significant appreciation among staff and students participating in the course. Group work was presented on the last day of the course.

The second part of the study modules will be implemented in August 2017, when the groups should focus on topical cases in their region, formulate a small study around it, and present their analysis in an international futures conference.

The FFRC delegation highly enjoyed their stay in Solapur and is highly grateful for the inexhaustible hospitality received from their Indian colleagues and friends.


Students working on the group assignment

School of Social Science staff and FFRC delegation

Catching up after class