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First week of ICI trainings in Cambodia and Laos

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The ICI capacity building trainings are currently carried out at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) and at the National University of Laos (NUOL). The trainings are primarily directed at the teaching staff and are carried out in two phases. The first week of training was already held at ITC during the 12th and the 15th of October, and is currently going on at NUOL (19th-22nd October 2009). The second phase training will start in Vientiane on the 16th of November and in Phnom Penh on the 1st of December and will end on the 4th of December.

Topics that were covered include climate change, renewable energy and biomass utilization and management, modeling and economics of energy projects and project management. During the second week the objective is to get acquainted with UNFCCC, climate policy options, climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies for developing countries. The trainings include also field trips to a Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) site and to other renewable energy project sites both in Laos and Cambodia and include workshops where lessons learned and feedback will be collected. Furthermore teachings of energy planning models and project management will continue during the second week.