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Jyrki Luukkanen (D. Tech)

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Jyrki LuukkanenProf., Dr. Jyrki Luukkanen is a Special Adviser at FFRC and a group leader of the SDF research team. Dr. Luukkanen is specializing in energy, environment and development research. He has a Doctoral degree in systems theory from Tampere University of Technology. He has been a director of numerous national and international research and development projects funded by European Commission, Finnish government, European Parliament, UNDP, the Academy of Finland, companies and industrial organization, NGOs, technology agencies, etc. Dr. Luukkanen is an author of about 150 scientific publications and has given lectures and presentations all over the world. He has been a member of several expert committees and the Research Council of the Academy of Finland. Dr. Luukkanen has carried out energy and development related research for over 35 years.